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Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms

View our glossary of terms, where you will find the definitions of the words we use in our web.

» Web Design
Is the design, layout and programming of a website.
» Mobile Design
Is the design, layout and programming of a mobile website specially designed for phones and tablets resolutions.
» Intranets
It is the development of an automated system to perform automated tasks for a company or business.
» Web Hosting
Also known as web hosting or hosting in his term in English. The web hosting is a service offered, which is a rental space in a machine connected to the Internet 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which stores your website files and these are accessed by visitors to your website.
» Domains
This is the address by which your customers find your website in internet. Besides there are several domain name extensions such as .com, .net, .info, etc.
» Apps
It is a native of cellular operating systems, which can be Android, iOS or Windows Phone.
» Control Panel
Within the web From Publicityextrim, we name control panel pages where you have access to all the administration of your service and products in our website. Just as you have control of your data and other services.
It is a type of database that we have in hiring a web server.
It is a programming language, which is compiled directly into the web server, when making a request. It is a very commonly used language in the development of websites.
It means File Transfer Protocols, its acronym in English. It is a transfer protocol, which gives you so you can make the transfer of your web files from your computer to the server that holds this.         

Our services offer connectivity 24hrs, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that at any time you want, you can update your web files.

» Whois
It's a global way, which is looking domain names into Internet. It is a global database, which stores the log data of domains purchased. This is also used to check if a domain is available or not.
» Case Studies
In Publicityextrim, we consider all of our projects as "success stories" as we create your idea into something that can be used.

         Within the web, you will find this section in the main menu, where you can find all the success stories that we have done.

» Alliances
In Publicityextrim, we are ready to create unique partnerships if we consider that you idea or project is creative and unique.
» Services
Are all the services we offer in Publicityextrim
» Produce
We at Publicityextrim, we develop various useful products in various sectors. You know in the section called "products".
» Laboratory Publicityextrim
Here is where you will find all our developments in testing stage or stage ideas. Always Publicityextrim, we are looking to create something new, unique and functional.
» Payment
This is the section where you will learn all forms of payment, we accept in Publicityextrim.
» Blog
Meet our blog, where we post articles with the most updated technology in the Internet.
» Newsletter
Is our monthly newsletter, which we send to all registered users to this. Remember that to be registered for our monthly newsletter, receive from discounts, to the latest articles, news and new products and services, we are about to take. What are you waiting for registration.
» We manufacture your idea
It is our company slogan and mission. We are dedicated to your idea can always be developed and put online.
» PE Servicios Digitales
PE Servicios Digitales, is the brand name of our holding, PE Servicios Digitales en Mexico SA de CV, which is the company that belongs Publicityextrim.
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