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Who is and who makes Publicityextrim?

Who is Publicityextrim? is a group undertaking PE SERVICIOS DIGITALES EN MEXICO SA DE CV, which arises from the need to have a specialized in building various projects for the web, mobile and applications (apps) as well as having our own specialized management area web hosting service.

Publicityextrim, is based in the month of January 2009, which only performed internal projects for the company. In the month of September 2009, Publicityextrim, begins to offer its services to individuals and businesses outside.

Publicityextrim dare of their four years giving digital services, we have been innovating and adapting to the changes that our customers currently require to be present within the wide world of internet.

What do we do Publicityextrim? In Publicityextrim are a large number of specialists in various fields. Creative, graphic designers, layout artists, web developers, programmers Apps, support technicians, network administrators, among others.

Together, we form the group that makes up Publicityextrim specialists, which will offer all kinds of digital services for your brand, company, business or organization, from custom development, complete intranets, websites, web hosting, domain sales, apps, among other services.

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